How American Made Products Support Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

How American Made Products Support Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

There are numerous compelling reasons to support American-based manufacturing. One that often escapes the average consumer’s attention is the environmental advantage of a streamlined local supply chain over imported products. While the concept of buying goods made in the USA may seem nationalistic, it offers a host of benefits beyond patriotism. In the digital age, each American-made product you purchase not only supports small towns, local communities, and a skilled workforce, but it also significantly reduces the carbon footprint you leave on our planet.

Reduced Global Pollution

One significant environmental benefit of buying local and American-made stuff is something many people don’t consider: how much pollution comes from shipping things worldwide. Just one cargo ship makes as much pollution in a year as 50 million cars! Since most of the stuff we buy in the U.S. is made overseas and brought here on those large cargo ships, it’s a significant environmental problem. Not many people know about it, but the International Maritime Organization says that these ships make up about 3% of all the pollution in the world. And if we don’t do something about it, that number could increase significantly in the next few decades.

Climate change is already upon us, and all CO2 emissions are further contributing to the problem. The shorter the distance a product has to travel, the less fuel it uses, leading to fewer carbon emissions. This is also the same justification used for buying local, which supports the local economy and uses less non-renewable resources.

Some countries have less stringent government regulations regarding environmental safe practices, which leads to manufacturers taking fewer environmental precautions. These factories might not worry about the environmental consequences and do not want to spend extra money, slow their production, or change existing processes to meet stricter standards. In other cases, the government may have no way of enforcing compliance.

Items manufactured in other countries are often cheaper because of this lack of environmental regulation. Without worrying about chemical waste, water, and air pollution, or toxic runoff, manufacturers can produce and sell their products for cheaper. Unfortunately, these practices are shortsighted when it comes to sustaining the planet’s environment.

Reduced Energy Emissions

Another area to consider when comparing eco-friendliness is the source of energy powering warehouses, mills, factories, and other production facilities that are making the goods. Though the United States once relied heavily on coal for power, it has since invested in cleaner energy. American dependence on fossil fuels for energy has been declining in recent years.

Fossil fuels are the worst culprits when it comes to carbon emissions. In the United States, environmental regulations at the federal and state levels are much tighter and focused on reducing and cleaning current carbon emissions, furthering the environmental impact of American-made goods.

American manufacturing companies across all sectors are also seeking out ways to create their products in an environmentally friendly way. From investing in recycled or eco-friendly packaging to reducing plastic waste, these manufacturers continue to find new ways to still make an impact without harming the environment.

Stricter Federal & State Regulations

Directly affecting emissions are the government’s higher environmental regulations. While these standards typically restrict carbon emissions, they also ensure manufacturers have the proper chemical management policies in place and appropriately dispose of their waste. Some manufacturers also strive to go beyond the minimum requirements.

Most states have their own environmental regulations that work in line with the federal government’s minimum guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This results in safer working conditions and better environments.

Some countries have relaxed or nonexistent regulations regarding work conditions. Workers might be forced to work longer, harder, and for less money, all while enduring horrifying conditions that are unhealthy, unsafe, unfair, and potentially deadly. Meanwhile, products made in the US, though not always fairly or safely produced, are typically made in factories that respect child labor laws, workplace safety laws, government regulations, and their employees’ opinions. The pay is also generally more aligned with a living wage than it is in other countries.

Ethical And Eco-Friendly Products Made In the USA

Buying products made in the USA comes with a host of benefits that help not only you, but the communities around you. It incentivizes US companies to keep manufacturing at home, offering more employment opportunities while ensuring environmental regulations are met. Buying American-made also supports more local and small businesses, which are more likely to source all their materials from nearby, too. When you buy products made in the US, you are using your purchasing power to choose environmentally friendly products and encourage others to do the same. From beauty to clothing, Prod Origin can help you find American-made, eco-friendly goods to replace any imports. Feel good knowing you helped the economy and the environment. Shop our selection today!