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Prod Origin takes great pride in featuring high-quality products made in the United States. From small local businesses to larger corporations, you can trust us to bring you the best products made around the nation. One of these brands is ITP Tires, an American tire company creating great products for all-terrain vehicles.

Who Is ITP Tires?

ITP is an American tire company that has been the world’s leading source of ATV/UTV aftermarket tires and wheels since 1982. The letters in ITP stand for innovation, traction, and performance – three main components the brand prides itself in. This company produces tires and wheels accordingly to the current off-road market demand to produce top-quality products. They contribute thorough and thoughtful effort and time to research and develop unparalleled traction, precise handling, and outstanding durability that will last the product through any terrain.

Made in USA Tires

ITP Tires offers a variety of tires that are suitable for various terrains, whether it’s mud, snow, desert, or road.  Here are the current options that are American-made:

  • Coyote – Explicitly designed for a high horsepower UTV and SxS vehicle.  This 8-ply rated radial tire checks off all the boxes for unparalleled performance: supreme traction and side bite, high lateral stability, surgical steering response, staggered width shoulder lugs, and an ideal footprint to promote even pressure distribution.  With these characteristics, this tire performs versatilely in all-terrain, hard pack dirt, desert, and soft/loose sand.
  • Versa Cross V3 – This 8-ply rated radial tire is designed to work optimally with today’s UTVs.  The tread pattern and deep rim guard allow it to excel in hard pack to intermediate terrains.  Specifically, the tire is made of the brand’s Tough Tread rubber compound to protect itself against cuts, chips, and tread wear.
  • Ultra Cross R Spec – This specific tire is perfect for extreme desert racing.  The construction is 8-ply rated radial with the brand’s signature Tough Tread rubber compound, which makes the tire highly resistant to rugged terrain.  ITP Tires designed this tire with a non-directional tread to improve its traction and control on smooth or slippery surfaces, making it even more versatile.
  • Blackwater Evolution – If you’re looking for a durable tire that applies to all-terrain while providing a smooth ride, this is the one for you.  Made with the same 8-ply rated radial construction as the other tires mentioned, the innovation behind the non-directional build provides excellent traction.  The tread design has a tough rubber compound that helps with wear and abrasion resistance.  This tire is made to last on all-terrain, rocks/ruts, mud, soft and loose surfaces, and snow.
  • Mud Lite II – This is a newly redesigned take on ITP’s classic Mud Lite series.  They designed the tread pattern to offer more traction and an enhanced, smoother ride.  The shoulder protection and lugs help break apart mud to keep this tire clean and optimal.  This is a 6-ply rated construction with a tough rubber compound.  Great for all-terrain, rocks and ruts, mud, soft and loose surfaces, and snow.
  • Mayhem Series – This series has four variations: Mayhem, Mega Mayhem, Mammoth Mayhem, and Monster Mayhem.  They are all 6-ply rated construction.  The main difference among all these tires is the design for their designated purposes.  The Mayhem has a 1-inch tread depth, providing a smooth ride and lightweight carcass.  It is suitable for intermediate, mud, soft or loose surfaces, and snow.  The Mega Mayhem has a deeper 1.5-inch tread depth, which makes it useful for hard pack surfaces.  It is suitable for all-terrain, intermediate, soft, or loose surfaces and snow.  Mammoth Mayhem has even deeper, 2-inch lugs for that extra push you need to get through mud and soft or loose surfaces.  It includes large claws for extra traction and self-cleaning.  Lastly, the Monster Mayhem has a 1.75-inch lug depth and 30-inch sizing.  It is perfect for a utility 4×4 or UTV.  It is intended to be used on mud or soft or loose surfaces.
  • Cryptid – Made at a monstrous size, the Cryptid is made to power through any challenging road or trail with mud or snow. The shoulder configuration is paddle-like, offering an optimal side bite that helps get in and out of the mud. It has grooved center lugs for self-cleaning and a durable rubber compound for protection against scrapes or cuts. Design-wise, it has a neat “chevron” style tread pattern for high-quality forward traction. The lug height starts at 1.5 inches from the center and gradually increases to 2 inches at the shoulder.  Although bulky and heavy-duty, this tire still provides a comfortable and smooth ride on rugged trails and hard pack surfaces.
  • Terra Cross R/T – This tire is versatile among several challenging terrains, specifically mud, snow, and sand. This is perfectly suitable to use in desert or forest trails. Made with a 6-ply rated radial Extreme Duty construction, it provides an additional sidewall ply for protection against punctures. This tire still has the tough rubber compound for enhanced tread life and an interlocking tread pattern for excellent traction.
  • Quadcross Series – This series has three versions: Standard Tread, Deep Lug, and Quadcross MX Pro Lite. These tires are best used on hard pack surfaces of sports ATVs. The research and development teams from Factory Yamaha and Kawasaki ATV MX inspired the MX Pro Lite’s front and rear combinations. This addition to the design helps remove a good chunk of seconds from the rider. Still made with an innovative rubber compound, this tire has excellent grip with very little wear.  The Standard and Deep Lug versions are similar, just made with different tread depths.
  • Mud Lite XTR – This extreme terrain radial tire should be used for the most extreme conditions! It has a low-profile sidewall for less flex creating better and more predictable handling. There are two size options, the 12-inch ad 14-inch. The 12-inch is better for muddy conditions, while the 14-inch is best all-around for trail and mud.  The construction is a 6-ply rated radial with 1 1/8-inch grooved lugs for top-rated traction.

Buy Tires Made In The USA

ITP Tires is one of the many national companies keeping their manufacturing within the United States. With their products, you can show your support for our local economy and experience the best rides on your ATV or UTV. Instead of buying tires made overseas, trust ITP Tires with your needs!