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Uncommon Goods is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace that allows individual creators to sell and shoppers to purchase unique goods. Think of it as an online showcase of crafts that people can sell and purchase. The founder, Dave Bolotsky, started this company in 1999 after being inspired by visiting a craft show. This type of shopping platform is special because it had never existed until Bolotsky developed the concept of individual product developers selling their handmade or handcrafted goods online. Since then, the company has grown into a business in Brooklyn consisting of 200 year-round team members.  

How Uncommon Goods Works

Uncommon Goods carefully handpicks unique goods from everywhere in the world but has many amazing products that are made in the USA. The team members search for rare, well-thought-out products all year long. Creators, artists, or designers can submit their original pieces to the company’s online website and the team members dissect each submission.  Uncommon Goods has the following criteria, with creativity being non-negotiable:

  • Purposeful
  • Problem-solving
  • Appealing
  • Unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials
  • Made without leather, feathers, or fur
  • A good idea that is out of the ordinary and had not been done before

Collect Your National Park Personalized Ornament

These national park ornaments are perfect mementos for outdoor adventures. These handcrafted ornaments all start with an RV base featuring each national park’s terrain, plants, and animals. You can even personalize the license plate of the wooden RV with up to 12 characters! Each piece is made from reclaimed maple wood and poplar wood.

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Uncommon Good National Park Personalized Ornament

Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

Founding Fathers Whiskey  Glasses

Do you love liberty and whiskey? These drinking glasses are for you! These would be a great gift for someone who appreciates studying history, politics, law, or the freedom-loving American in your life with a deep appreciation for the Founding Fathers.

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Peanut Butter Sampler

Licking a spoonful of peanut butter is a great way to snack, but even better when you have flavor options all made in the USA. This sampler is made from honey-roasted peanuts with a range of six flavors. Some include chocolate chips, pretzels, toffee, white chocolate, cherries, and more. These are handmade in Zionsville, Indiana. Whether you want to spread these kinds of butter on a warm piece of toast, add them to your smoothies, use them as a dip for snacks, or just eat a spoonful for dessert, these are versatile with a wide range of amazing flavors.

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Peanut Butter Sampler

Set of 5 Mix & Match Puzzle Trucks

Set of 5 Mix & Match Puzzle Trucks

These are some fun American-made toys for anyone who enjoys playing with or collecting trucks. This set contains sturdy, interchangeable components of each truck that allow the user to build the truck. This is great for kids as it allows them to simultaneously learn and play, as they can start to solve puzzles with these pieces. The creator of this puzzle set has interchangeable parts to be mixed and matched in multiple ways to develop and enhance creativity, motor skills, and problem-solving methods while having fun with the toys. Also, this can promote some fun reading time as each truck has a dedicated flashcard with interesting facts. Made in Danbury, Connecticut. This entire set comes with 27 pieces:

  • Recycling Truck – 4 pieces
  • Fire Truck – 5 pieces
  • Stake Truck – 5 pieces
  • Tipper Truck – 4 pieces
  • Cargo Truck – 9 pieces

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Berry Buddy

This handcrafted stoneware strainer is just what you need to rinse and strain any fruits or vegetables. This unique all-in-one design has a built-in drip catcher and spout that allows for ease when cleaning up. It is handmade with a homespun silhouette in Pennsylvania, USA. Microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. This stoneware strainer is a perfect tool and a classic piece to add to your kitchen collection!

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Berry Buddy

Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Know someone with an upcoming graduation? Looking for a holiday gift? Or do you need an idea for a “thank you” gift? These custom message shortbread cookies are a simple and fun way to express your gratitude and thoughtfulness! We live in a digital world with much of our communication through text messages, so it’s a refreshing and unique change to provide kind words on some classic vanilla shortbread cookies. You can get super creative with the personalized messages, making it a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. These come in a box of 24 and are made in California, USA.

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Personalized Family Mugs

It has been so difficult to find mugs that are made in the USA! Thankfully, Uncommon Goods has found a creator, Shelly Klein, who makes mugs in Tucson, Arizona.  These are top rack dishwasher and microwave safe. These mugs are custom-made with the creator’s artwork. One side of the mug will feature the creators’ illustration of the individual family member and the other side will include the family name and year established. The illustration can be customized by skin tone, hair, clothing, and first name. These are a fun family collection to have or give to a family friend!

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Uncommonly Personalized  Good Family Mugs!

Awaken and Refresh Shower Steamers

Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers

These shower steamers are tablets infused with essential oils, turning your morning showers into aromatherapy. Whether it’s after an arduous day after work or it’s the beginning of a day where you need a little more pep in your step, these tablets help you revitalize or relax. All you need to do is place one tablet on the floor of the shower, turn on the water, and you’re done!  The tablet will gradually start to fizz as it releases spa-like scents that combine perfectly with the steam from the shower. These are all handmade in Virginia, USA! There are five different options to choose from, depending on your needs: 

  • Calm – Lavender and Geranium
  • Breathe – Eucalyptus
  • Focus – Orange and Mint
  • Energize – Pink Grapefruit

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