Why Buy Products Made In The USA

Why Buy Products From USA

When you purchase products, do you look for items labelled ‘Made In The USA’? During times of global economic uncertainty, it becomes increasingly important for the American people to invest in, and buy, products made in the US. This is more than just simple patriotism; it helps contribute to a better future for the entire country by supporting local businesses.

Many American consumers feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they purchase from local businesses. Even better, buying from domestic companies guarantees that anything you purchase will follow American labor laws and manufacturing requirements, meaning they meet some of the highest quality standards.

It also means you are making an eco-conscious choice by lowering emissions and reducing your overall carbon footprint. Products do not have to travel as far and can be shipped in more eco-friendly ways. From national pride to sustainability and better quality, buying American-made products is overall a better option for you.

Tax Proceeds Benefit Your Community AndThe Nation

State-issued taxes, such as sales taxes or business taxes, mean that American brands end up supplying a large amount of money to their local and surrounding communities. Buying from these suppliers or manufacturers means you know your money is going toward funding local programs and amenities, such as schools, fire stations, water and sewage services, parks, and city maintenance.

When you purchase an item from overseas, that money goes overseas and is not guaranteed to return to the US economy. Though it positively impacts other nations, it does nothing for the local economy that you and your family rely on every day.

Purchases Support Local Labor

Higher demand for USA-made products means a higher demand for US labor. By giving your business to American brands, you are providing jobs for a local neighborhood and community. It might even be your own!

The impact also goes far beyond jobs at the company you are supporting, too. Buying products made in the USA creates a ripple effect for local businesses, especially those that work in partnership with each other. From material suppliers to delivery agencies, equipment manufacturers to maintenance services, there are a wide variety of other businesses that work with the company you purchased from. Every product you buy supports a vast network of local companies, which keeps your city, state, and national economy healthy and stable.

Safer And Fairer Working Conditions Are Promoted

Safe and Fair working conditions

Many of the foreign nations that serve as manufacturing hubs have very poor labor protections for their workers. The most deceitful of companies move their manufacturing outside the country because product manufacturing is cheaper, but it often comes at the cost of violating basic ethics and human rights.

Choosing to style your home, wardrobe, or anything else with domestic items ensures your money only funds companies that uphold fair labor and work standards. The US has strong regulations for labor and working conditions, so you have the peace of mind that those who created your favorite American-made items are treated well by their employers.

Guaranteed Quality of Goods

The same strictness the US holds for labor rights it holds for product quality, too. Domestic brands are held to standards that minimize their ability to cut corners or get away with lower quality items. Being local also means it is far easier for consumers to easily reach the manufacturers and hold them accountable for products that do not meet expectations.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces laws that protect you, as the consumer, against false advertising. Even marketing with terms such as “Made in the USA”, or “USA Made” are regulated to ensure companies are not deceiving their customers.

Highly Regulated Product Safety

You might assume that every product you purchase at the store is safe and has gone through the inspections to ensure it is fit to be sold. Unfortunately, outside of the US, standards for safety vary, which can put you and your loved ones at risk for injury due to a faulty product. Buying USA-made items, such as furniture, lighting, decorations, and more gives you better protections.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) works to keep hazardous substances out of USA-made goods and requires clear labeling to make sure you are aware of any potential hazards that might be present in certain items.

This is especially important for products in the interior design market, since goods like paints, finishes, and treatments can be dangerous in terms of flammability or fume toxicity. Sticking to items made in the US will vastly lower your risk of coming into contact with dangerous material.

Better For the Environment

Part of local efforts to limit toxicity in manufacturing includes going beyond the products themselves. Protections against hazardous materials extend to the factory processes and any pollution that occurs as a result. National and state governments put restrictions on the types and amounts of emissions produced by factories that enforce laws on how waste and toxic byproducts are disposed of.

This sort of regulation is often lacking in those countries that are manufacturing hubs. Purchasing from overseas companies could directly contribute to practices that damage the environments and the health of all living beings, people included.

This also includes reducing emissions and your carbon footprint. Foreign-made products have a higher carbon footprint than locally made goods. This is because many items are made in countries such as China and India and require overseas shipping. More fossil fuels are burned, and greenhouse gases emitted with every mile they must travel.

Reduced Dependency On Other Nations

Reduce the dependency

2020 marked the beginning of the pandemic and many Americans learned the hard way that goods will not always be guaranteed. Many items were suddenly unavailable for long periods of time because they were manufactured in other countries and faced shipping delays. There was a huge disruption across all industries.

Purchasing locally made goods protects you from any major supply chain issues like those that happened at the start of the pandemic. It also protects the entire nation from having too much dependency on other nations for its goods and services.

Helps Reduce the Deficit

Anyone who has paid attention to the news has probably heard about looming trade deficits. But what does this mean? To maintain favorable trade deals and conditions between foreign countries, the USA sometimes must take on debt. This is especially true as the country imports more as than it exports. Simultaneously, the negative federal budget deficit continues building steeper national debt and strains domestic economies.

By limiting your spending to within the United States, you can do your part in alleviating some of the strain on government funds, which also eases the strain on American taxpayers like you. It also increases the demand for domestic products, which encourages more exports. This can help reestablish balance in American trade. All of this works toward decreasing the overall national debt.

Protection Against Inflated Prices

Protection against Products being Inflated

Tariffs, import taxes, and shipping all add expenses to the supply chain when importing foreign-made products. These costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of price hikes. This means you will always be paying a higher price for foreign products compared to what they would cost in their country of origin.

This might not seem like a problem, especially in countries where the local currency is weak, but it circles back to an issue of quality. Choosing products with a lower price point despite those import costs can come at a serious compromise to how well they last and perform.

Returns And Replacements Are Easier

Importing products can lead to complications with initial shipping. Now imagine that when it comes to returns or exchanges. Not only do you have to deal with those challenges, but many foreign countries require you to pay a return shipping fee, which often grows more expensive the further away the source is from your home.

To make matters worse, you face longer shipping times if you are waiting for a replacement. Weeks or even months can pass between the time you initially made the order and when you receive the replacement. When it comes to important items, you do not want the stress that comes with waiting this long. Purchasing from American brands ensures that you can return and replace your items more efficiently and much quicker than others.

Find Great Products Made In The USA

There are many benefits to buying USA-made products. From supporting the local and national economy to reducing environmental impacts, you can proudly own these goods and know you have done your part to help your community. These products might even encourage others around you to do the same. Next time you are considering a purchase, make sure to check for the ‘Made in the USA’ label.