Brand: Frankenmuth Woolen Mill

Most Americans likely do not think about where they get their linens, including bedding. Like most products sold in the United States, a lot of bedding is made overseas or with foreign fabrics. Frankenmuth Woolen Mill strives to keep the American tradition of producing and processing their own wool products right here in the United States. Since 1894, Frankenmuth Woolen Mill has been focused on creating the best wool bedding for their customers. Doing this requires the constant pursuit of quality, comfort, durability, and sustainability. Doing this means not following the latest sleep trends or bedding fashions because they know their timeless and traditional products are already the best on the market. At every step, Frankenmuth strives for perfection, so that customers can enjoy the highest quality bedding. All their products are also soft and environmentally friendly. They offer a range of products, from healthy, wool-filled pillows to natural wool comforters and mattress toppers. Their commitment to quality products and great sleep starts with their wool. It is ethically sourced and processed to ensure customers receive only the best without harming the environment. The company works with ranchers who not only treat their sheep humanely but care as much about providing all-natural, eco-friendly materials locally. This led them to pair with Jensen Ranch. Since 1856, the Jensen family has raised sheep in Tomales, CA, allowing them to graze freely so that the sheep’s wool is of the highest quality. Frankenmuth’s attention to detail does not stop there. Once they have sourced the wool, it is cleaned with biodegradable soap and rinsed with natural water from the Great Lakes, including Lake Huron. Wool is allowed to air dry to minimize the impact on the environment as well. To ensure the best quality, the company also uses steam and humidity in their carding machines in order to create the layers of wool that make up their products. No chemicals here! The wool is then hand-tied between layers of Certified Organic cotton muslin. This kind of quality and attention to detail just can’t be found anywhere else. Customers can expect environmentally friendly, high-quality bedding from Frankenmuth Woolen Mill. Wool also comes with health benefits that Americans are sure to notice. Like other natural materials, wool naturally regulates body temperature and is odor-resistant due to its fiber properties. It is also lightweight, hypo-allergenic, chemical-free, and naturally repels dust mites! Prod Origin is proud to feature high-quality products made and sourced right here in the United States! This includes Frankenmuth Woolen Mill’s incredibly comfortable and ethical woolen bedding. Our goal is to find and highlight companies that are as passionate about high-quality, durable, and all around incredible goods made in the USA as we are. Next time you need to replace those old bedsheets, give Frankenmuth Woolen Mill a try and rest assured you’ve done your part to show patriotism and support a local business.

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