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When it comes to buying apparel, it can be difficult to find anything still made in the United States. In recent years, many major US retailers and clothing companies have moved operations overseas, where the cost of manufacturing is much cheaper, which has led to a movement away from supporting American-made brands. In order to combat this, Origin strives to make high-quality, locally-produced apparel for Americans across the country. Founded in 2011, the brand began with a single 7000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Maine and a rescued, historic loom. Since then, the brand has grown. This includes more facilities, more looms, and hiring more highly skilled craftsmen. As customers’ needs grow, the brand continues to grow with them. Today, they occupy 230,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space across four facilities in two states and employ over 400 people. Their logo is a nod to the wave of freedom and how it symbolizes change and the reclamation of American craftsmanship that Origin embodies. It also nods to the life lessons the founder, Pete Roberts, learned from Jiu Jitsu. For the employees, making and wearing this apparel is a promise to support the American economy with their locally sourced and created products. Origin makes sure all their materials, fibers, and components are sourced right here, in the United States. They also go so far as to invest in the equipment and skills to make any components that cannot be sourced domestically, ensuring every part of the process is made in the US. Every aspect, from materials to the process, comes from American farms and is manufactured on American soil. Their products are built to last. To ensure each one meets its high, exacting standards, Origin tests its goods and invests in the right education to produce only the best. This includes adding reinforced stitching, gussets, and multi-panel construction. Every detail is over-designed and over-built to make their products durable for a lifetime. Their goal is to produce something that you can sport it proudly until it wears out. For them, purchasing American-made apparel is about buying less, even at their expense. Origin’s product line includes everything from outerwear, such as their hoodies, to tops, jeans, and even boots. When you buy Origin products, you are investing your money back into the American economy and a homegrown business. You are also investing in a product that will last you for a lifetime. Prod Origin is proud to feature some of Origin’s products on our website. We want to make it easier for everyone to find goods made and manufactured in the United States. We created categories so that, no matter your needs, you can find something made right here!

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