Goldens' Cast Iron Kettlebells

Goldens' Cast Iron Kettlebells posted by ProdOrigin USA in Sports

Weight range: 8kg (18 lbs) to 36kg (79 lbs) Made from 100% Recycled American Steel Material: Proprietary Ductile Cast Iron Blend – The best of ductile and gray iron properties Finish: Black Semi-Gloss High Performance Coating Surface: Smooth Sand Textured Grip for Comfort and Performance Sizes: 8-20kg (18-44LBS). Larger 24, 28, 32 and 36kg to be released soon. Handle Diameter: 8 kg (33mm) 12 kg -36 kg (34mm) Window Height: 8 kg (6.1.33 mm) 12 kg (69.33mm) 16kg – 36 kg (57.15mm)

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Created by: ProdOrigin USA on Apr 12 2023