Surefire Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED Flashlight

Surefire Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED Flashlight posted by ProdOrigin USA in Survival Gear

Aviation-grade light. Four LED color options available. Designed and built in USA. Some imported parts/components may be included. High/Low Output and Runtime differ depending on LED color. High Output: 250 lumens High Runtime: 1.5 hours Peak Beam Intensity: 9300 candela Distance: 190 meters Batteries: One 123A (included in purchase) Switching: Click tailcap Length: 4.18 in/10.6 cm Construction/Finish: Aluminum Finish: Mil-Spec Hard Anodized Amber High/Low Output: 20 lumens (50mW)/5 lumens (10mW) Amber High/Low Runtime: 2.75 hours/29 hours Blue High/Low Output: 4 lumens (110 mW)/0.4 lumens (10 mW) Blue High/Low Runtime: 12 hours/49 hours Red High/Low Output: 39 lumens (240 mW)/1 lumen (1.3 mW) Red High/Low Runtime: 3 hours/57 hours Yellow/Green High/Low Output: 39 Lumens (85 mW)/3 lumens (7 mW) Yellow/Green High/Low Runtime: 12 hours/58 hours

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Created by: ProdOrigin USA on Dec 27 2022