Surefire Firepak Video Illumination Tool

Surefire Firepak Video Illumination Tool posted by ProdOrigin USA in Survival Gear

Multi-use, handheld lighting that can be integrated with smartphones. Four lighting outputs. Designed and built in USA. Some imported parts/components may be included. Level 4 Output: 1500 lumens Level 3 Output: 600 lumens Level 2 Output: 300 lumens Level 1 Output: 100 lumens Level 4 Runtime: 1.75 hours Level 3 Runtime: 1.75 hours Level 2 Runtime: 3.5 hours Level 1 Runtime: 10.25 hours Peak Beam Intensity: 3500 candela Distance: 50 feet Batteries: Lithium polymer rechargeable (integrated) Switching: Multi-setting slide Construction: Polymer and high-strength aluminum core

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Created by: ProdOrigin USA on Jan 3 2023