Made In America Label

What Does ‘Made In USA’ Mean?

Customers who see the ‘Made in USA’ label on a product expect the claim to be truthful and accurate, especially with the increased interest in buying American-made goods. Since the attacks of September 11, news reports suggest consumers have become more sensitive to the ‘Made in USA’ claims and are looking to support local businesses […]

Uncommon Goods Logo

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace that allows individual creators to sell and shoppers to purchase unique goods. Think of it as an online showcase of crafts that people can sell and purchase. The founder, Dave Bolotsky, started this company in 1999 after being inspired by visiting a craft show. This type of shopping […]

ITP Tires Logo


Prod Origin takes great pride in featuring high-quality products made in the United States. From small local businesses to larger corporations, you can trust us to bring you the best products made around the nation. One of these brands is ITP Tires, an American tire company creating great products for all-terrain vehicles. Who Is ITP […]

Oscar Mike Brands

Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike is a USA Made apparel company founded by quadriplegic Marine Corps veteran, Noah Currier.  Not just manufactured on US soil, but they make sure that all textiles, dying, cutting, sewing, printing, stocking, and shipping is done here in the USA!  Many of their t-shirts have unique graphic designs, making it fun to stand out in […]

Higher Cost of Goods For Made In The USA

Why Do Products Made In The USA Cost More?

For the past three decades, companies and consumers have benefited from international trade that kept a steady supply of electronics, toys, and other goods in abundant supply and at low prices. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine have continued to affect trade and business ties, as well as supply chains around the […]

Freedom Industries

Freedom Industries

Prod Origin takes great pride in showcasing the highest quality products made right here in the United States. From small local businesses to much larger companies, you can trust us to bring you the best the products made in the USA. Freedom Industries is one of the many brands we want to highlight for its […]

Made In the USA

Economic Impact Of Made In USA

In today’s global economy, consumers have more options than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, upended almost every aspect of American life, including the national economy and manufacturing industries. Not only did the pandemic cause a loss of 578,000 manufacturing jobs in 2020, but it also exposed weaknesses in the domestic and international supply chains. […]

Patriotic Apparel

Red White Blue Apparel

Prod Origin prides itself on showcasing the highest quality products made by local, US-based companies. When it comes to apparel, you cannot go wrong with Red White Blue Apparel. Read on below to learn more about the people behind the brand, its mission, and our favorite products. Who They Are Red White Blue Apparel (RWB) […]

Why Buy Products From USA

Why Buy Products Made In The USA

When you purchase products, do you look for items labelled ‘Made In The USA’? During times of global economic uncertainty, it becomes increasingly important for the American people to invest in, and buy, products made in the US. This is more than just simple patriotism; it helps contribute to a better future for the entire […]

American Made Products

American-Made vs. American-Assembled

You want American made products, items that hard-working Americans built on U.S. soil. Unfortunately, when you go to shop in store or online, finding an American made product is not so straightforward. You see a variety of phrases: “Made in USA”, “Assembled in USA”, “Manufactured in the USA with Global Components”. For the average consumer, it can be […]